At Tiny Feet

We focus on Activity based learning. The school uses child-friendly educational aids to foster self-learning and allows a child to learn according to his/her aptitude and skill. our methodology gives the child as much physical and intellectual freedom as is seen safe and possible. with hands on experience, our children are able to learn using all five senses.

Our curriculum is language rich since story telling, drama and poetry are a part of every lesson. this helps to stimulate the child’s Sense of wonder and imagination. Every child is encouraged to create and to learn new skills in their own comfort level.

Our role as educators is to facilitate & guide their educational journey always in tune to their individual way of learning & processing information.

I Would like to welcome you all to start your child’s first step towards Education @ Tiny feet.


Admission: Rules & Regulations

Welcome to Tiny Feet. We hope to make your and your child’s experience at TINY FEET as memorable as possible. In order to ensure this, we follow certain rules and regulations. which are listed below. The management of TINY FEET reserves the right to amend or modify the rules and regulations at any time and such amendments or modifications shall be applicable from the day they are notified to you please keep the spirit of the rules and regulations below in mind.

Admission to TINY FEET play school shall be at the discretion of the management may not assign any reasons for refusing admissions.

Fees must be paid within the time notified by management. The fees once paid will not be refunded.

The regularity of attendance is important. Every day provides an experience to the child which is extremely valuable.

Regular interaction with the teachers assigned to your child is necessary and welcome. This helps us to understand the child better, however, the prior appointment shall be needed to meet the administrator as well as the teacher.

Please ensure that your child is picked up at the appropriate time. prior permission shall be needed to take the child early.

Children must be dressed in comfortable and neat clothes.

Children are allowed to celebrate their birthdays in the play school by distributing candy/small useful gifts to their friends all children in the school.

Please regulate the television programs that your kids watch at home. Children should be permitted to watch only programs that are created for children the behavior of children gets influenced by the kind of programs they watch.

Additional charges may be applicable for special programs such as annual day costume, photographs, and CD, etc.